Short Fiction | Poetry


The relentless sun rents the azure sky with luminous heat ablaze,

And in the indigo night the moon cloves the sky with patient silver.

In the showy, cloudy haze of autumn- do I kiss you full on the mouth?

But smelling your gentle breath of gorgeous warm cigarettes and cherries,

I blush and wonder if I am taking something of my brother’s.

Trailing fingers around your white alabaster divine pale treasure breasts

As the trees bend miserably to the iron will of the howling cognoscenti levanter

Which knows in introspection all that passes to and fro Mother Earth.

And amidst the orange-tinged air of tangerine, rubies and electricity,

I think to my Tropic-of-Cancer-self, what measures shall I pensively take:

To earn your love I shall surrender my side of paradise and give my soul,

For you are whiter than starlight and fairer than the doves of Piave.

I take your thin nimble veined calloused pearl effulgent hand,

And at last I am one with the primordial consciousness,

one with white sunlight and pale moonlight.