Dorian Faust is business man. With him being the sole heir of his dying father's massive fortune, Dorian needn't even work to live luxuriously comfortably. Dorian is an extremely vain man and carries a small golden pocket mirror wherever he goes in order to check out his own appearance. He has black hair slicked back and twinkling blue eyes. He has a lovely brunette wife, Mary, whom he loves dearly.


In the beginning, we see Dorian visiting his dying father, and paying respects to the old man. Here, it is obvious that Dorian's father has not been a present father figure. Dorian then abruptly turns to the window, uneasy. “Someone’s watching us,” he complains. He looks outside, but the audience is not granted his view. He turns back to his father and they continue talking. He then interacts with his wife, and it is clear he loves her dearly as their interaction with one another indicates plainly their affection and care for one another. We then go outside with Dorian. It seems that there is trouble on Earth and other planets. Some kind of ancient astronauts are abducting seemingly random residents and the most recent abductee is a rich and affluent man. Also, there is an environmental hazard that is making earth unable to be occupied by most living entrant beings. It is then hinted in his expressions and behaviors that Dorian knows something about the problem and is in secret about it.


Dorian attends a party then and it is seen here he fancies himself a god and is very materialistic and notorious as an illegal chrononaut.


After scenes of politics, it is decided that Dorian will travel back in time to find out what is happening.  Apparently, one of the agents in the elite spy roster is somehow behind all this. Dorian is to travel back in time and enter a timeline different from ours to change the course of time. Due to switching of timelines, Dorian's memories will be disoriented for about a week or so. The passcode to unlock his memories instantly is " Et tu, Whitman?"  (inaudible to the audience)


Upon awakening, Dorian decides to switch timeline for a personal agenda unknown to the audience. He appears in the wrong timeline (else when) and nobody says the password to him, so he does not have his complete set of memories. All he remember is that there was someone waiting for him to instruct him on how to shut down the abductions and find out the course of the environmental hazard (which is predicted to be "Grey goo", a type of self replicating nano tech).


When Dorian awakens, he is told that the time travel failed and that he's stuck in the time line.

An agent named Rhodes shows him an ancient blueprint of an ancient artifact of an ancient astronaut make. Rhodes calls them "The Inventors." He says that since the time travel didn't work, procuring the artifact is all that matters as he believes it can cure every problem in the world. Rhodes also briefed Dorian on the species Groknog, which his informant Felix has supplied him with. Apparently, the Groknog is making the grey goo that is destroying the environment.


Dorian is warned that he has to mention nothing of this to anyone especially his family. Still disoriented from his failed travel, Dorian agrees and signs a contract. This contract is a mark on his arm which prevents him from speaking a word about his mission and discreetly allows Rhodes to track him down.


After a series of action, Dorian finds himself at the Groknog hideout. He befriends them and learns their ways. He learnt that the artefact is within something they call the crystal chalice that crashed landed on forbidden ground on earth. He learns that they are harnessing the crystals within the chalice but are unable to find the artefact. Dorian goes into the chalice when they aren't looking and swipes the artefact. He also takes a crystal from it. He learns as well that the chalice is from another world, a very ancient place, therefore it is attempting to adjust the environment to suit itself.


Dorian goes back and reports to Rhodes. But he made a secret of the crystals and the fact that he has the artefact. Rhodes introduces his assistant to Dorian, a shy nerdy female named Beatrice. Together, they go on a faux hunt for the artefact, (faux because Dorian has the artefact.) Dorian sort of has chemistry with Beatrice and the nuance this causes to his marriage is not oblivious.


Through Dorian and Beatrice's travels, they come across the Pagan Eye. The Eye of Horus and that apparently they are connected to the Inventor's disappearance.


(Explanation : It is the family crest of OCEANUS- The Dead gods. It IS connected to the Inventor’s disappearance, but like the whole trilogy, time is temporal and moving in a strange distorted way: So yes, it is connected to their disappearance, but not in the past, as we know later on, the Inventors are the Aldervarians, and OCEANUS will destroy them in the future.)


Legend says the symbol consists of the Stake, the Staff and the Eye, legendary weapons.


All throughout their expedition, they are chased by, and attacked, as explained by Beatrice, Rhodes's rival in arms, Agent "Bull" Williams. Also, Dorian is seen looking into his mirror many times, although what he sees is obscured to the audience.


Back home, there is trouble. Dorian's father has died of his illness and Dorian learns that the illness is hereditary. He mentions this to his wife Mary and it is revealed that she has played him all along for his fortune, she gives him a signed contract apparently signed by him that if they were to divorce three quarters of his fortune would be hers. Playing on the game that Dorian is getting cosy with Beatrice, Mary files for divorce. Dorian angrily shouts "You would betray me?!"


Dorian is finally caught by Agent "Bull" Williams and his men, as Agent Rhodes arrives for back up. Agent "Bull" Williams whispers something in Dorian's left ear. Dorian says “I don’t believe you!” And a man, old haggard and wearing a lot of scares and sores with a breathing apparatus (It is Dorian, when he changed the timeline he jumped into earlier in the movie, he crated another self mainly for this purpose- Dorian is rather all knowing, the problem is that a man can only retain and contain so much information before paradoxes in real time and in his head occurs, and he may not be able to untangle himself and so go crazy or worse make a mistake that can erase himself from reality altogether hence time travel is illegal, not to mention the consequences to billions of people’s lives and the fate of history.) enters the room through a space time warp portal and narrates a story; the audience is showed how Agent Rhodes had arranged the whole thing after all and that the time travel did work and a piece of memory comes back to Dorian and its shown that Dorian and Rhodes were friends many years back. Rhodes full real name is James Byron "Rhodes" Whitman. Then in one of their time travels they discovered an artifact (Said artifact of the movie) and had a big argument about it, leading Whitman to plan Dorian's downfall ever since. Dorian whispers "Et tu, Whitman?" (the password to his awakening) and he remembers everything clearly. The mirror falls to the ground although it does not break, but cracked, and it is at an angle where the audience can see a part of Dorian's face. It is a very much older version of Dorian. He breaks free from Rhodes and Williams, grabs the mirror, and runs to the space port window to see the Groknog's world burning. His last words are "I did it. I killed them all, all of them…and I, I made them, the three of them." The camera then pans to a spacecraft nearby hinting that Dorian escapes to the Groknog world to try to help them.



Dorian is seen rushing into the burning world of the Groknog. They are all furious at him for betraying them. He tries his best to help despite their anger but only manages to save one Groknog puppy and Kellshind, his friend. They flee the place and unfortunately at this point it is unknown what became of the rest of the Groknog although it is presumed the rest died. They get away from the planet with the ship The Shepard's Fleece (Groknog make ship) just as Whitman arrives at the scene with his ship, Archytus.


In private, we see Dorian takes out the crystal to toy and tinker with it, (hinting that he has not the ability to be a wielder as in previous episodes we can see that the crystal chooses its host and attaches and bonds itself to its host immediately once found). He then looks into his cracked mirror and the audience is given full view of his reflection- an old and mangled face. He closes the mirror just as Kellshind comes into the room. They talk about the artifact but Dorian says although he and Whitman found it, they never knew how to activate it.


Kellshind has talk with Dorian about his time travels and Dorian then tells his companion that he needs a time machine to travel really back in time. Dorian tells Kellshind that he made a terrible mistake and has created a monstrous trio which would stop at nothing to enslave humankind and all the other sentient species. Kellshind is enraged at Dorian's selfishness and mistakes and argues with him. He then says that after their expenditure he will never want to cross paths with him again.


The Groknog puppy starts crying and Kellshind suggests that they place him in an off world orphanage. Dorian agrees and they travel to a distant planet to cover their tracks and leaves the puppy in care of a run down orphanage.


They creep into a government facility and steals the password and do some espionage stuff (which won't be described here) to get to the time machine. Kellshind expresses concern about the effects of Dorian's time travel on Dorian and the fabric of reality but Dorian insists that he must do it. They travel back to the time when the Inventors still existed and were still at the pinnacle of evolution. Kellshind is disoriented but expresses a plentiful amount of amazement and wonderment that he is in a time where "the legends" are real.


Dorian is greeted not so warmly as the Inventors had made him vow to never return the last time they met and of course -to never bring anyone else here. Dorian expounded that the world is in big trouble and that he really needed The Inventor's help. ((NOTE: The inventor's names are impossible to pronounce to humankind therefore Dorian calls this Inventor simply "Great One" )) The Inventors usher a dazed and bewilder Kellshind to their dinner room (Groknogs are fond of edibles). When Dorian and Great One are left alone, Great One sighs and told Dorian that he knew that he would return as he just did yesterday. Dorian asked how was that possible? He had eaten from the Tree of Life and Drank from the Spring of Oneself and dripped his blood into the Fountain of Omnipotence. In other words, Dorian was free from all debilitating and time altering effects of impulsive and frequent time travel. Great One told Dorian that ever since he did what he did and what he was going to do, time has fractured much and that there were some versions of himself escaping the law of Time. Therefore now he can see himself in other dimensions and timelines whereby if he did he would completely wipe himself out. That is the consequence of seeing your double from another timeline or a parallel universe.


Here, it's revealed to the audience that Dorian is the cause to Hyperion, Oceanus and Theia. He had made them with his own blood after he gained omnipotence and immortality and invincibility. However, it is known that some time in the near future he would abolish them. This is why they are picking up seemingly random people from the world and killing them. They had no way of knowing their master as when the time fabric was altered, they lost memories of him and therefore they did that to draw him out. Lastly, Dorian asks about the symbol of The Pagan Eye hesitantly as legend had it that it had to do with the destruction of the Inventors. Great One laughs, much to Dorian's surprise. And then sobering up, the Inventor told Dorian that that was a great misinterpretation of the Legend: It is actually a prophecy about the Keys, the Inventor's invention, and also Project Eve. Great One says: It's a problem for the future generations, and it is not of the past. However, he added thoughtfully, you may not get to see it come to pass.


Dorian blatantly wants to ask more but gets the feeling that he wouldn't be answered further. He thanks Great One and turns to go when the Inventor says" Oh and about the pollution, just penetrate the artifact thats in your pocket into a ridge at its north west corner all the way at the back, and you will be rid of the crystal fumes that are killing your Earth."


Kellshind then bursts into the room yelling, singing and slurring in a boisterous manner.


On their way back, Dorian told Kellshind that the artifact was nothing more than a way to stop the pollution of the world. Kellshind said that it was useful anyways. Dorian says good bye to Kellshind and time travels back to his original timeline (the first one the audience see him in)and goes back to clear the pollution. While in the cave himself, he tries to stick the crystal into himself. His father's illness was showing on him-a sign that he was no longer invincible (another version of himself might have not gone to the Inventors and therefore he was no longer completely invincible as every version of himself were tied to him in some way.) He looks into the mirror and he looks normal again, but he shows real signs of having aged, and his father's disease was visible around his neck. His hands were starting to shake involuntarily.


Angered, He sticks various crystals into the neck wound and when nothing seems to have happened, the throws them all onto the floor in a fit of temper and then exits the Chalice.


In this timeline, he and Mary are still very much in love. He goes to visit her, hiding his diseased neck behind a deep emerald cravat. He then goes to the government and explains everything, even about the crystals and the Chalice, but cuts out his involvement with The Three, Hyperion, Oceanus and Theia.


Dorian sighs, he still has to somehow stop the Three.


The following night, he attends a party to celebrate his halting the environmental problem. He then has a violent fantasy in which he kills his wife as classical music plays. He goes to the men’s restroom to pull himself together. As he was going to the men's restroom, a familiar man in shades stops him and pulls him aside. It is Agent Williams. He takes of his shades and convinces Dorian to join him to stop the Three as he has a plan, also, Kellshind has been captured.


Dorian pushes past him as silent refusal and goes into the party trying to find Lizzy. As he does however, Williams appears out of nowhere seemingly and catches hold of his arm in a firm grip. Trapped, Dorians looks sadly with longing at Lizzy as he gets pulled along by Agent Williams as the orchestra starts playing. They use the time machine and go back in time again.



Williams introduces Dorian to the Renegades, Agents who defected to stop Whitman and his accomplices. They inform Dorian that in this timeline they had dedicated themselves to bringing down Whitman, but many of their people had been taken captive and held hostage. The plan was to get in Whitman's Chapel of Light (his main head quarters), a pyramidical structured built in resemblance to the legendary Trees of Life, and free the hostages for inside information says that the hostages would be tortured and executed soon.


Meanwhile, another group of the Renegades led by a Captain Sparrowhide defend whats left of the Groknog's home world (which wasn't completely wiped out).


The clandestine group sneak into Whitman's headquarters, separates, and Dorian finds within it a secret chamber. The tracking device in his arm alerts Whitman to his position. He takes Dorian and secures him atop an operation table. There he tortures Dorian for answers about the artifact. Dorian refuses to say anything but just laughs as he knew that the artifact was useless to Whitman as it was just an air purifier of sorts, a solution to clean the hazardous environment on Earth caused by the crashed Chalice. Dorian asks Whitman what he was up to and Whitman starts bragging about how Beatrice, Felix and himself will be immortal once they dissected Dorian and start a secret society named Paradise Range. He adjusts Dorian’s operation table so that he can see directly out, he is positioned so that he can see his father’s home (a tall monolithic structure due to the Faust’s family vanity) in the distance. Whitman asks Dorian what he sees. Dorian looks and the camera travels and zooms to the topmost window where the timeline’s Dorian is speaking to his father (a la the first scene in the first instalment). Dorian doesn’t answer. Whitman then snatches away Dorian's cravat and sees his diseased neck.


Disgusted and disappointed, Whitman goes out to get something to "cut out" the "impure" parts from Dorian. While alone, Dorian hears a sound similar to Kellshind's footsteps. Whitman soon returns with Beatrice and Felix in tow however. Then, out of nowhere a tank containing medical bath fluids got knocked over. It sounded as if something small and clumsy was upturning the room. As the three of them start to argue about who let out which captive and were in a frenzy to find the source of the disturbance, Dorian's manacles mysteriously cracks open. Taking the opportunity, he flees the room, taking the cravat with him before Whitman and his friends could notice.


He meets agent "Bull" Williams who then informs him the he found Kellshind but he had been killed. Dorians surmises that it was impossible as Kellshind had helped him escape. He also admits that although he had escaped it wasn't any use as the Three had drawn his blood out which may help them in their quest for omnipotence. Williams unwraps the bundle of cloth he was carrying and reveals Kellshind's corpse. Dorian is visibly distraught. Williams further states that all the hostages has been killed- ostensibly essentially, they have had their mission failed.


Williams suggests that they go back in time one last time although both Dorian and himself are plainly unhappy about the prospect- Time travel has many consequences, not to mention Dorian has already altered his invincibility to the repercussions of time travel. Inexorably though, it has to be done. Dorian surmised that his other selfs has already been so far as to affect his invincibility and omnipotence- there was no turning back for him.


They go back five and a half hours in time, with Williams, Dorian tracks his every step but when both Williams and Dorian separate, they follow William and manage to free that captives and as Williams places them on ships to freedom. Kellshind was still enraged with Dorian and was injured badly. Dorian now realises that it was himself who saved him in the operating room from the Three.


Before parting, Williams hands over to Dorian a small tesseract. It was a physical space time continent, the fifth dimension, a box in which space and time could be, within reason controlled and observed. Williams said "in case you get captured. Activate it and it'll save you." When asked where he got it, Williams ambiguously replies, “Time jumping around, Dorian." To which Dorian says solemnly, “Chase him down, don’t let Rhodes get to him.” Williams simply remarks, “No, this is the last time.”


Dorian rushes back to the operating room where he was. He squats down and waddles and creeps along in various strides as to confuse whoever who was listening. In doing so, he inadvertently  knocked over a large vat of medical bath fluids. He distracts the Three and found the operating switch to free himself from the manacles of the operating table. Deactivating the switch, he frees himself. As he sees the Three going to notice his past self's absence, he jumps up at an opportune moment as to distract them from his other self. He took the vial of his blood from Whitman and pockets it.


Felix then realises  that the alarm had gone off- all the captives had been freed. Angered, he chases after them. Beatrice stays by Whitman's side as they try to catch Dorian. They get into a fight and Whitman wrestles the vial of blood from Dorian. Adding a mixture to it, he drinks it immediately and kills Beatrice. Dorian, realising that Whitman has become Hyperion and is too powerful to fight, flees.


A chase ensures. At the same time, we see Williams gunning down Felix. Captain Sparrowhide also is victorious in defending the Groknogs. Dorian gets downed by Whitman while falling and activates the tesseract Williams gave him. As his plane the Shepard's Fleece goes down, Dorian gets sucked into the tesseract. In it, he observes Mary getting married to his school days rival-best friend, Jaxon Mordecai, and he observes every memory of himself vanish, it was as if he never ever existed. This was indeed the deed that the Inventor was talking of, that Dorian would somehow erase everything of himself, invincibility to Time's debilitating consequences included. On the good side, Felix (Oceanus) and Beatrice (Theia) cease to exist.


With tears rolling down his cheeks, Dorian, now turns around from the space time wall and faces the audience; he has visibly aged, and the disease had spread to his cheeks. He looks at himself in the mirror. Again, it seems to reflect only himself, no longer was there the disturbing aged, creepy looking face looking back. As he sits down, dying, he takes out a breathing apparatus he has been carrying and puts it on as he turns himself into an infomorph, recording his thoughts and memories into a mini computer. All around, the walls blink with images of everyone Dorian knew, or who ever had knew Dorian and it is so that the audience sees that any memory of him cease to exist one by one. He suddenly sees something, a happening in a facet of the tesseract. His eyes widen and he turns pale.




Dorian Faust- Dorian is the sole heir of a large fortune. He is an unregistered and illegal chrononaut. He is quick witted and quick on his feet as well. He is vain and materialistic, and his unquenchable thirst for knowledge led him to the Inventors. Singular to himself, Dorian is a greedy person, especially for knowledge and fancies himself a god. He has refined speech and is well cultivated in all sorts of high echelon etiquette. However, he has strong personal at times very violent fantasies.

Mary (née Mordecai) Faust- Dorian's spouse. In another timeline she is only out to get Dorian's fortune but in the timeline we originally see, she is loyal to Dorian. Dorian however for his part, has dark fantasies about her and his split persona always fantasizes of murdering her in a back room of a hall with an orchestra playing in the back.

Greta (nee Addams) Faust- Dorian’s mother by whom he got his vanity and moral deficiency from.

Codename PUSSYFUSS- AI that Dorian always mocks and degrades (providing comic relief). Dorian has an aversion to AIs and any kinds of robots as he sees them as potential threats to his intelligence.

Agent Rhodes- James Byron Whitman is a man who met with Dorian in one of the latter's many time travels. They formed a close bond and Dorian promised to give him eternal life and omnipotence and time paradox invincibility. He betrayed Dorian and Dorian took away the ability in one of the timelines.

Agent Felix Liedny- Rhodes' homosexual lover. Felix influenced Rhodes to betray Dorian.

Secretary Beatrice Hunt- Rhodes/Whitman's personal assistant who is extremely intelligent. Sexually frustrated as Whitman does not reciprocate her feelings, she attempts to seduce Dorian.

The Stranger in the Mask- Dorian, in an attempt to save himself.

Agent "Bull" Williams- Arthur Williams appears to have no other agenda than assisting Dorian and saving his daughter. However it is only because he too is in a way, a person out of his time, though unlike Dorian, not by choice. Arthur Williams is the only human left who had witnessed the first and second Galactic War. In the third, he was placed in cryogenic sleep. When he awoke, he had a cultural and temporal shock. His many years of experience and his obscured past has built in him an eternal summer and his never ending believe that humankind are all inherently good and worth saving. He is actually Dorian from the future, a Dorian that went so far back in time and became a hero: hint: not by choice meaning that the government forced him to go back in time to clear the environment. The only clue the audience gets about this is that William’s wife has the name of Dorian’s ex girlfriend, and that Dorian in conversation with his father and a friend, displays great, incredible, vivid and realistic knowledge about the first and second galactic war, and says that he knows what cryogenic sleep feels like, and then jokes that he would only experienced half of the third war if he could go back in time. Bull Williams is from the time between The 3rd Galactic War and Dorian’s story. He disappears with all the versions of Dorian.

The Renegades- led by Captain Sparrowhide and Agent Williams, a rag tag group formed solely to take down the corrupt Agent Rhodes.

Archytus- Agent Rhodes' ship

The Shepard's Fleece- A fairly decent but bulky ship given to Dorian, who often mocks it and is frustrated by its lack of beauty.


-Shoehind- Brave Groknog that Dorian finds irritating.

-Fronthind- Intelligent and reclusive Groknog that Dorian begrudgingly admires.

-Leefrine- Motherly female Groknog who mothers the whole gang.

-Kellshind- Only surviving Groknog (or at least presumed by Dorian to be the only surviving one. We later see that Leefrine and Shoehind also survived)

Groknog pup- in an orphanage.


The Secrets Will