There was not much to say, only that Adam was a little hunky, tired, mostly jaunty. He was downtrodden and beaten, and life was just awesome to him (not in a cool way, by the way), but


he had a lot of festive energies in his being. He simply radiated light.


because he was quite the dashing ruffian with a rugged, well formed, shapely face, nobody liked him a lot.

This is his adventure.

I’m so sorry that Adam had to feel this way, and had to fight so much, and had to sorrow about in the troughs— at the bottom! I love him so much. He was the first serious character that I created, and I had a lot of joy in writing him. Thank


you, Adam. You have been such a grace to write!  

but rest assured I will always hold you unique among the rest.

loved being on this journey with you. I created you almost a decade ago, and now we must part ways. I would hate if anyone came between you and how I envisioned you, so I will release you here. You may not find too many visitors,