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Hi! My name is Natasha Shang, Holla!

I am currently living on a farm in Malaysia with my family and two dear dogs.

Natasha is my Christian name, taken after my baptism. I chose the middle name Maddox for my penname because Maddox is my animus, my male alter ego. He's very much my muse as the midnight sky is. 

Here's a brief run-through of who I am: I'm a fun-loving, gin-drinking, muse-lovin lil writer. I'm not very cool but I try. I spend WAY! too much time reading and not enough time writing so here is an attempt to remedy that.

PS: I like rum better but I think 'gin-drinking' makes me sound cooler.

My largest inspirations are J.R.R. Tolkien, Oscar Wilde, my mentors Pete B., Gary L., and last but not least, David Beckham, my favourite footballer ever. Style icon level Warlock. 

P.S.: Don't be mean to anyone when you're near the woman from the hills- don't say I didn't warn ya!



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